Friday, November 21, 2014

Being a Blessing...

I wrote about Blessings...
and what it really means
in my last blog.

Blessing: God with us.
Not what God gives us.

I try not to use the word so flippantly anymore.

And then I began to think about what it means to "be a blessing",
because we hear that phrase often
in our North American Christian world...
ad nauseam. 

 I just watched a movie,
one of the best I've seen in a long time.

Short Term 12 directed by Destin Cretton,
a low budget film with depth.

Its actors are real, genuine, and believable.
The subject matter is painful,
But it’s handled with beauty and truth.
The movie is sad, funny, depressing,
but what struck me most
was how God was displayed throughout,
though his name was never discussed
nor mentioned.

He was there in the midst of it,
just as he is in our lives
every day.

He was there because the broken were helping the broken.
He was displayed because the hurting were reaching out and connecting 
with the hurt and in the by and by
small healings began.

It was the story of a broken hurting person being a blessing,
being WITH broken hurting people. 

God WITH us. 

I'm not saying God-Jesus is broken and hurting.
I am saying God KNOWS what it is to be broken and hurt.
Jesus wept, remember.
And he is with us everyday in our pain.
And small healings begin. 

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