Friday, March 8, 2013

God is scary and God is good.

*I use the pronoun “He” as I write of God, though I do not believe God's nature is just male.  God is both male AND female in nature.  There is no known pronoun appropriate for God.

God is scary and God is good.
He cannot be put in a box.  
He is mysterious.

He stood with the children of Sandy Hook as they cowered in the corner of their class room their teacher’s arms wrapped around them, desperately attempting to shield them, while bullets slammed into their bodies. And He wept.
He did not stop the shooter. 
He did not stop the bullets. 
But He was there.

I cannot wrap my mind around Him.
I can know some of Him, but not all of Him. 

He is just.  And total judgment will come at the end of the ages.

Free Will is His most powerful gift given to me. 
Every moment of every day.

How do I use this power?

God is good even if my four year old son is diagnosed with cancer.
Even if my teenage son takes his own life.

God is good,even if my twelve year old son has to have his leg cut off.
And later, half of his other foot.

God is good, even if my baby dies before she has a chance to be born.
None of these things are good.
But God is still good.

Life boils down to me and God. 
I do not understand Him.
I stand alone, stripped bare before Him.

And His LOVE overwhelms me.