Thursday, September 18, 2014

When Good Men Step Up!

My son just started high school.
It's a huge school.
None of his middle school friends are there.
It’s scary.

Unkind words have an impact,
Like being called a "Freak" in English class.

My son's anxiety grew,
like a large uncontrollable beast.

I reached out to the football coach.
A Christian man,
a PE teacher, 
who had been there for our daughter,
during her two years there. 

The PE teacher requested a meeting
early the next morning.

I waited for my son in the Student Affairs Office,
a safe place, 
where my son was spending a lot of time,
lying down with stomach aches
and headaches.

I waited while he met with the coach.

When my son came back from the meeting,
he looked stronger.

He hugged me good-bye with a firm: 
"I am fine mom."

Coach had told him
the school was like "the world" 
with mean people, 
but also kind people.
Josh just needed to find the kind ones.

Then he asked my son to be the Team Manager
of the football team!

Josh accepted.

Later coach introduced my son to the team
reminding them that 
some people are dealt a difficult hand in life,
others are not.
Then he briefly explained Josh's history.

And finally coach said to Josh:

"No longer will you have to walk the hallways alone and afraid.
Now 120 football players and their coaches have your back!"

Cheers erupted all around!

The football players check on him in his classes.
They invite him to sit with them at lunch.
They come to visit him if he's lying down in the SAO office,
with one of his stomach aches or headaches.
They high-five him in the hallways.

My son's a different kid now.

He still has anxiety, 
but the love, 
and power of the football team
and their coach 
has changed everything
for my son.

When good men step up!


The Boehme (pronounced Bay-me) family said...

Love love LOVE this so much! happy tears!

Stephanie said...

I have both tears and goosebumps as I read this, April. How awesome to see the hand of God so evident for Josh to see that, indeed, God has his back.. along with an entire football team!!

Keep on, momma bear! :)