Sunday, November 23, 2014

Witnessing love through skype...

My third daughter is in love.
My Music,
my Ju Ju Bean,
my Earth lover
and Ecology Major
is in love
and I've been witnessing it's growth
since this summer.

What a privilege it's been.

It's a brave new world now.
Skype, you see,
is the medium through which this love is growing.

They met at a wedding,
here in Oregon,
but he's from a different country.

After the celebration,
 he stayed with us for a week,
living in Josh's Tree House.

She spent time with him
to show him our wondrous land
our beauty
our treasures.

And within a day
they were finishing each other's sentences.
They were bonded in a way I'd never seen before.
They were so alike in nature 
and ways
and thoughts
and ideas.

I was dumbfounded.
And others
those who love My Music

And now they Skype
hours and hours
because he's home
and she's here.

They talk,
they laugh,
she's teaching him guitar,
they sing.

And what's a mother to do?

I love My Music
more than life itself.

And I see life rushing away from me,
I see no control
as it should be.

And I see hearts joining
whether right or wrong.

It's a force that cannot be stopped.

It's sweet, 
 it's innocent
and Magical.

And I have no control.

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