Saturday, June 7, 2014

Art I Am

I challenged myself to write everyday for a month,
little did I know I started
something in myself.

Like a bud blooming ,
understanding my beauty
and value
finally finding who I am,
who I am becoming.

 I surge now and
adapt to what is,
examine myself,
my motives,
my inner sanctuary.

no expectations,
and acceptance once again.

Art filled my day today.

I allowed myself to feel again.
the pain of years past,
reading my first blogs
when my anguish was fresh
combining words with my son's xrays.

so focused on what I thought
I should be.

Coming too quickly
to sunshine and hope
forgetting reality.

The other day
I sensed that wall again
as I held my emotions in a box
speaking with an amazing person
Joseph Konty
God has brought into my boy's life.

Can't let anyone see me cry.

I pondered why
and the words from a precious friend
of transparency.

A wall
a barrier I built
iron like,
blocks my way.

I'm attempting to tear it down
with my art.

I hear.

Lies whispered in my ear
I must conquer them
as we are all made in the image of our

Thus we Create.

I have something to say.
I can create.
I can move others.
I am important.
I am.

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