Friday, December 6, 2013

A Mother's Gift- A Month in Italy- Part 8

Rifugio Staulanza to Rifugio Tissi

Elevation gain 2,937 feet.
Elevation loss 1,353 feet.
Total miles: 7.5

We climbed up to Rifugio Tissi by way of Col Dai.

Col Dai is perched on the shoulder of Monte Coldai, which lies on the edge of the famous Monte Civetta (10,620)

It was here I had my first cioccolata calda con panna.
Hot chocolate with whip creme.
It was like drinking melted chocolate! Oh so good!

Though quite rustic, I would have really liked to stay here. 
The owners were very kind and the food was superb.

We continued on past this alpine lake.

This is called bladder wort, such an ugly name for a beautiful flower.

Now we skirted right at the base of these mammoth mountains. 
This "wall of walls" extended over four miles.

The rocks told us we were getting closer.

And when we came around the corner, we saw our goal.  
See that tiny white bump on the top of the mountain flank?  
That is Rifugio Tissi!

The rocks continued to guide us.

Tissi is just a little ways now.

After I settled in, I went to explore the mountain flank.

I looked out over the very edge at the Val Civetta, down the Alleghe Valley and west to the Marmolada Glacier. 
The view was obscured by the ever flowing clouds, but still stunning.

Looking back at Rifugio Tissi (right hand corner) at the "wall of walls" and the pass we had just ascended.

Roberta taught me how to play rummy.  
Tissi  had beautiful flower boxes.  

Tissi was a cold hut with a tepid shower, and all 5 of us stayed in an upper bunk room.

The owner was a very hard working woman, her husband and their 4 year old daughter. 
At the end of September, they close Tissi for the winter and lived and operated another refugio they owned in a popular ski area.  

I wondered how the little girl could play outside with the cliffs all around. 
I also contemplated what it would be like living there having to haul everything up the mountain pass.  
Everything: food, water, fuel, bedding etc. 

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