Friday, December 6, 2013

AMother's Gift- A Month in Italy- Part 9

Rifugio Tissi to Rifugio Bruto Carestiato

Elevation gain 2,244 feet
Elevation loss 3,583 feet
Total miles: 9.5

When we awoke, it was like Christmas morning! 

"Berta! Berta!  I think it snowed!" I heard Mark whisper to his wife early in the morning.

This was my view from the little bathroom window, which was just down the hall from the bunkroom.

This is Judy.  
I will devote my next post, part 10, to her.

At the edge of the mountain flank there was, of course, a cross.

The sun rising behind Tissi (the lower right hand corner)

Now I'm on my belly looking down to the little village and lake below.

After we descended, we waved good-bye to Tissi, a little box perched on the mountain flank.

I so enjoyed the quiant signs advertising their huts and fromagio, speck, and latte.

A more elaborate chapel at Rifugio Mario Vizzoler.

Of course, I ordered cioccolata calda con panna. 
Who wouldn't?

This is the only group picture I got!
(L to R) Mark, Andrea, Laura and Roberta.

As we descended along this road, we got stuck behind a farmer driving his herd to a lower pasture.  This picture doesn't do the situation justice.  
The cows FILLED the road and the sound of their bells filled the air.  
As we passed, we steered clear of the huge, black bull with a ring in his nose.

Which way?
To the right.

At the top of the pass...

A bench-alter just below.
(Andrea L, Roberta R)

Laura pointed out the alpine orchid on the trail.

Rifugio Bruto Carestiato.
Newly remodeled, I shared a bunk room with Laura and Andrea.
Quite plush, but remote.
It was run by Diego, a handsome young man who had been asking about Andrea along the trail.

Dinners were always fun as we ate in a common dining room with many other hikers.  
Most were German, some Italian and once in a while someone from another country.  

Here I admired a beautiful, young woman from Australia hiking solo.  
Back home she was a professional.  
This was her holiday and because she didn't have anyone in her life who enjoyed this type of adventure, she went alone...but really never completely alone. 

I also met a handsome young couple from Munich, Germany.  
They were university students who were hiking from Munich to Venice! 
There were two brothers taking this journey as well, along with a woman and her two male friends.
At one point, the single woman told me they had been trekking for 22 days and had 9 more until Venice! 

After dinner that night we sampled the local grappe'.  
Diego poured us about 5 different kinds and we tasted them all. 
On the house!

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