Friday, December 6, 2013

A Mother's Gift- A Month in Italy- Part 7

Refugio Cinque Torri to Rifugio Saulanza

Elevation gain 2,277 feet
Elevation loss 3,316 feet
Total miles: 11.78

We began our glorious walk with astounding scenery...

These rocks were as big as a bus...

I felt my mother's spirit smiling on me through out my journey.

Do you see the cows lying down in the meadow?

We hunted for edelweiss and found some!

Farmers have high country farms they use in the summer.
My journey was in September 2013, so they had already come down from the mountains for the winter.

Somewhere along the way, in this area we passed a man and woman.
We were startled as he greeted us with "Howdy!"
We were used to either German or Italian greetings.
We found out later he was a "big wig" from NBC.
He and his friend were hiking alone without a guide.
It's called a self-directed hike.
I would like to do this one day.

This farmer had made sure our trail did not pass too closely to his home.
He lives here year round.

We stopped here, Rifugio Citta Di Fiume, for cappuccino.
This one is more rustic and remote.
The NBC man and his friend stayed here for the night.

We continued on over steep open limestone slides.

Awwww!  We are getting close.

Rifugio Passo Staulanza is really just a roadside inn...

With beautiful ceramic fireplace heaters inside.

Staulanza is owned and operated by a very famous local mountain climber.
His awards and trophies were displayed throughout the dining area.
He's summited mountains all over the world.

He was a nice man to chat with, though he was a little off.
Andrea said it was because of all his climbing on high mountains where the air is very thin.
When I told my mountain guide brother about him, he said all extreme climbers are a little off. :-)

We each enjoyed our own private room and bath for the night.

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