Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Mother's Gift- A Month in Italy- Part 6

 Refugio Scontoni to Refugio Cinque Torri
Elevation gain 3,470.
Elevation loss 3,022.
6.7 miles total, not 8.7 because we rode a ski lift up the last section.

We started off the morning climbing up this pass.

As we came to the top, we began to spot remnants of WWI bunkers.

And sheep.  Yes, they also wore bells.

We climbed up higher to find a number of officer's quarters from the war.

I went inside to check one out.
Though I am smiling, it was sobering thinking about the young boys and men who lost their lives here. These were the front lines.

We ate lunch at Refugio Lagazuoi at the very top of the trail.
 Then began our adventure climbing down a 2,000 foot WWI passage/tunnel called a gallery.
We wore our headlamps and gloves as we clung to the cable and descended into the dark.

Once we came through the tunnel, we were out in an open exposed area.
We descended down steep trails holding on to more cable.

When we reached the bottom, the cheese van was waiting!
Along with small souvenir shops.

From there we hiked along the road for quite a distance and stopped for a snack.
We were all tired, so we decided to cut off the last two miles of hiking by riding a ski lift up to our refuge.
Laura's smiling face.

Cinque Torri--Five Towers
A rock climbing mecca

The artwork in the dining area depicted the favored sport.

The Croda di Lago could be seen from the dining room window.

Cinque Torri was one of my favorite refugios.
Owned by the same family since 1936.
Unlike the other huts there was no wifi and the owners did not have computers.

 Andrea, Laura and I shared a room, while Mark and Roberta had their own room. 

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