Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Month in Italy- A Mother's Gift- Part 5

Refugio Fodara Vedla to Scontoni 

This was a strenuous-strenuous plus day as we climbed up 3,465 feet and down 3,380 feet for 12.5 miles.

We started off in the early morning with this gorgeous view...

stopped at this refugio for a cappuccino...

and enjoyed the view from  this benched alter.  
People placed stones on this one.

Hand painted signs showed us the way.

And the rocks told us where to go.

We ate lunch by this creek.  
Yes, I took off my boots and waded.

We meandered past this alpine lake.

Scottish cows in Italy?  And with bells, of course.

Everywhere I looked was stunning.

Quite a tree-line!

After a long hard climb up a ski slope, we arrived at Refugio Scontoni.
It was here I learned of the local dialect: Ladinish, which was a combination of Italian, German and Latin...if I recall correctly.

It was nestled in a green bowl-like meadow encircled by HUGE limestone mountains.
We watched a rock climber as he made his way to the top of the cliff.

The five of us bunked together for the night in one room.

The Scontoni Chapel...

With the names of the local soldiers who died in WWI.
We were now near the front lines of the Austrian/Italian war.

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