Thursday, June 5, 2014

School Shooting!

I came home today
after picking up my son from school
to hear that my third daughter, Jubilee
was in lock down on her school campus.

Seattle Pacific University School Shooting on June 5, 2014.

Jubilee was studying in the science building near the shooting with a friend.
The other kids that I know at SPU are all safe as well.

The shooter killed one young man and wounded 3 others.
The  shooter is in custody.

Not much else is known at this writing.

Jubilee's phone had been dead for days.
She's a free spirit my Ju Ju Bean.
Not conforming to society, 
an ecology major who doesn't want 
or NEED a smart phone.

She's a hippie, earthy girl with long red wavy hair.
She's thrifty wearing Salvation Army clothes,
dumpster diving, 
penny pinching, 
no make up,
type girl.

And I love her.
She loves creation with it's bugs and creatures, 
plants, animals and how it all connects.

She's my music, playing piano and guitar 
with her sweet voice.

And did I say I love her?

Life can change in a split second.
I know this.
I have LIVED this.
And yet here it is again.
this time close to home, 
but not HOME.

Thank God.

I wont' sleep tonight until I can skype Jubilee.
We just skyped.
Wow so surreal...

It just doesn't make sense.
A feeling of anger.
She had two huge finals tomorrow...cancelled.
Prayer meeting with a packed church
spilling out onto the lawn.
Media buzzing around and bugging them as they prayed.

Anger because they should be happy and celebratory.
After all they've worked hard for 4 years to graduate.
And's tainted.
By violence.
Innocent Death.

She still doesn't know who has died.
Sorrow for that young man's family.
Agonizing Pain Forever

Sara Williams was seriously injured...
A shot to the face, Jubilee heard.
Truth or rumor?

Lives changed forever in a split second.

I am so grateful for her safety.
Life can change in a split second.
I know...

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