Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nothing is Sacred Anymore

At least that's how it feels,
or is it because I age?

Has it always been this way?

I don't know.
Life seems cheap.
A 15 year old Mormon boy carries fire arms into a school
and blows a 14 year old away just
as the freshman walks into his high school locker room.

There's fighting in Ukraine,
Pure Atrocities.

The senseless taking of human life.

Where is the value of a human?
A person
created in God's image?

Has it been lost?
Has it disappeared?
Have humans always been of little value
to each other?

I listened to a science Friday on NPR today.
All about robots
and our future,
Artificial Intelligence.

Robots with sentience?

What's Scared?
In our world today
what can't be touched because it's holy?

Churches and Mosques can easily be bombed.
Rwandans hid in churches during the genocide
and were brutally slaughtered there.

I believe human beings,
each and everyone
are holy,

How do I show this?
What are my actions and thoughts portraying this belief?

Help me to see YOU in every person I come in contact with.

Help me to see the Sacred,
Help me to honor the Sacred,
Help me to love the Sacred.

God created us
therefore we are Sacred,
we are Holy.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

This. Wow.

Beautiful.Spot on. You are no alone in your feelings.

Love you, Mom Brenneman... thank you for your words and your heart and your wisdom. My heart is blessed by you!!

xoxo Nurse Stephanie