Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Mother's Gift--A Month in Italy Part 2

Exploring on my own...oh and I don't speak Italian.

The hotel breakfast was fabulous.  Much more than the normal European coffee with bread.  I had fun hard boiling my own egg and sneaking a roll with slices of meat and cheese into a napkin on my lap, hidden for later. 

Exploring the village, I discovered the church. 

The pink ceiling was delightful.

I lit a candle for my mother thanking her for loving me and for her gift.

After talking with Roberta about some local hikes, I decided to walk the pedestrian path towards one of the stunning mountains encircling the town.

The towns people are proud of their alpine houses and their flower boxes.

Passing town, I came across a marked trail and so...I took it.
Punta Fiames...

And it led me here...and so I climbed up the loose, white limestone to touch the mountain.

Walking back to the village, I discovered wood carvers in the town square.

I window shopped and explored some more until dinner time and once again I ate alone sitting on my balcony watching the sun set on the mountain across the way.

I studied my map dreaming about the day to come.

 I was determined to figure out how to ride the tram to the top of Tofana Di Mezzo.

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