Friday, August 23, 2013

The Meltdown...

Being 13 years old is tough.

But how much harder is it for some?

A tree house meltdown.
30 minutes of words mixed with sobbing tears...

"I hate my life."
"I hate that I had cancer."
"It's so unfair."
"I just want to be a normal boy."
"Why? Why? Why?"
"I can't stop my brain from thinking about Why?"
"It will never go away."
"I hate having a trach."
" I want to swim."
"I want to play regular sports."
"I just want to be a normal boy."
"I feel guilty."
"My sisters have been scarred from my cancer."
"I feel guilty."
" You have to take me to all these doctor appointments."
"Why did I get cancer?"
"I hate when people pity me."
"I just want it to stop."
"I hurt everyday."
"It feels like someone is inside of me ripping me apart."
"Even when I play on the computer, I still HURT. It doesn't take it away."
"I just want it all to stop."
"It will never go away."
"I just want to be a normal boy."
"Why?  Why did I get cancer."
"I know there's not an answer."
"It's so unfair."
"Why? I can't stop thinking about why."
"I just want it to all go away."

As the tears subsided, merciful sleep crept in and took over...

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