Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Surprises of Life...

It was an ordinary Halloween Day.  

Walking in the nature park is routine for me.  I love watching the trees and prairie change with each season.  Misty and quiet, water hung on the trees and grasses that morning. The light was soft and filtered. 

And as I rounded the bend I looked up to see a four point buck!

He froze, standing tall and regal intent on me and my movements.  The rain started softly falling and then I noticed his doe standing just in front of him.  And yes, there was a young one with short velvety points.  

All three statue still staring back at me.

Slowly I opened my umbrella.  They jumped and moved, the buck putting his head down, pushing his doe forward with his antlers.  Reluctantly she moved a little.  Then they stopped and stared again.  

  I didn't move.  
I was in awe.  
     I was in worship.

My counselor talks about creating space in my life.  
Space to process my grief and my life.  
Space to soak in God's creation and be fully present. 
Space to connect with Him.

Later that day, I went to my counseling session.  As I left her office I began walking towards my car.  The sun had come out and glistened off the wet sidewalk covered in red and yellow leaves.  The gutter was full of rain.  

Tentatively, I thought, "I feel hopeful again.  It's going to be ok."   

My spirits had lifted by the buck that morning and my conversation with 

And then I tripped catching my boot on a crack in the sidewalk.  I walk at a fast clip and so my momentum pulled me forward as I lost my balance and I knew I was going down.  Somehow I rolled landing flat on my back in the rain filled gutter just behind my car.

"I'm actually lying in the gutter!" I thought and I laid there taking it all in.

And then I laughed out loud.  
It felt like the whole world was laughing with me.
And I was happy.  

Ah, the surprises of life.

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