Friday, November 23, 2012

Questions for God...

Why bother, God?

If I remember all my Sunday School lessons and  many years of church sermons correctly...

 You are omniscient.  That means You know everything that was and is to come.   You've always existed and You always will.

And You are three in one, the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So why did You bother?

Why did You create angels?  
Why did You create the earth?
Why did You create humans?  

You created angels to serve and obey You, KNOWING one would "fall" or "sin" by wanting to become like You. You cast him out of heaven.

Did you create Evil-Sin?  Where did it come from?  Did it always exist?

Then You created the universe, earth, plants and animals and then the first human, Adam and finally a second human, Eve. 

All the while KNOWING they would listen to Lucifer in the garden and chose to "sin".  You KNEW they would listen to Lucifer and You banned them from the perfect garden.  

Since then humans have suffered for 6,000 years with: war, famine, earthquakes, floods, heartache, loneliness, pain, murder, betrayal, sexual abuse, jealousy, torture, suicide, disease, genocide and more.

In fact, there was so much evil, at one time in history, You sent a flood to destroy every living thing except  three men and their wives and some animals.

You KNEW this would happen.

You KNEW,  so You sent Jesus, the Son, one of the Trinity, to become human.  The plan all along, because You KNEW.

And He suffered and died and rose from the dead and ultimately ascended back into heaven.  The Trinity all together as One again.

All of this to Save us.  To give us Heaven one day, where there is no more suffering. 

But until then we humans CONTINUE to suffer: disease, suicide, murder, war, torture, sexual abuse, genocide and on and on it goes.

And You KNEW all this.

So why did You create us?  
Why bother?

I'm told we are to glorify You, to worship You, to magnify Your Name.
I'm told You want a Relationship with each of us.  

In my little finite, human brain, this seems sort of... EGOTISTICAL.

Why not just go on Being? 
Why not just continue existing as the Trinity?  Forever and ever? Not creating. 

Do You NEED us?
Do You have to CREATE, because it's Your nature?  Maybe You cannot NOT create.
Do You have to be worshiped?  Be glorified? Have Your Name magnified?  And be relational?

If You had not created all this, if You had just EXISTED without creating, would suffering NOT exist?

Why did You bother?

And yet, I KNOW Jesus became HUMAN and SUFFERED...and I KNOW He KNOWS me...because I SUFFER too, after all I'm HUMAN...His creation.

Jesus Wept.

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