Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today Saku is grateful her parents are safe.

She Tweeted her friends letting them know our church and friends were praying for Japan and the Japanese people. They are very thankful.

She made a point of thanking our pastor before church began.

Her friends tell her no one in Japan is sleeping well as the aftershocks continue shaking the land every 2 hours.

And her government's earthquake scientists are warning there may be another "big" earthquake within the next 3 days. She is hoping that like our weathermen, her government's scientists are wrong. The fear is strong.

This sweet, gentle, gracious girl has opened our hearts to her people.
We pray and we hope...

And today, as I reflect on Gage and Danny and Lesly's lives, I smile.

I smile as I realize the gifts they each have given me.

I smile as I know they are no longer paralyzed or in pain or afraid.

I smile because I KNOW they have passed through the tunnel of death into eternal life.

And I pray for their parents and siblings who are left with a hole in their hearts.

" Each time we grieve we learn sorrow and joy walk hand in hand. Heartache and happiness dance side by side."
April Brenneman

Gage's Angel Warrior

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