Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Thirty years ago my husband graduated from college with a degree in business and economics. He was ready to set the world on fire with the goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30. Instead he became a missionary to Africa.

Thirty years ago I graduated from high school dreaming I’d marry the man I was dating at the time. Instead I met my husband at church and we married two years later.

Today our oldest daughter has a college degree, a good job and a nine month old baby boy.

Today our second daughter is traveling in Europe with other college students learning more about our world.

Today our third daughter is finishing her senior year of high school and saving money as she works in a retirement home learning how to treasure the elderly.

Today our youngest daughter earned her driver’s license. I left a car for her at school so she could drive to her afternoon soccer game. I walked home in the rain.

And suddenly it hit me…

Five years ago today we heard the words “round blue cell sarcoma” as we sat in a tiny room off the main waiting area of the hospital. Our four year old son had cancer.

Today he is cancer free.

Time and God...

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