Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro Part 4: THE END

We woke early at Horombo Camp,
and began the 14 mile trek to our exit
at Marangu Gate. 
 Much of the hike was through a tropical rainforest,
where we saw "Tarzan vines" 
and Colobus Monkeys
and beautiful waterfalls.

 I soaked in the green beauty of this part of the trek.
We stopped at Mandara Hut Camp.  
I would consider this to be "nicest" accommodations 
I'd seen along our trek.

 Once again, Diga cooked our lunch
and Nesir served us here on this restaurant deck.
The were sweet little huts for "hire". 
 We found these warning signs
displayed at each gate of the park.

This is a simple map of the different routes 
to summit the mountain.
We chose the least traveled route.

Once we returned to the Springlands Hotel,
all I could think about was SHOWERING!
Laura and I had NEVER been so dirty before in our lives,
nor had our gear/clothes ever been so filthy.

After paying Filbert, Musini, Nesir, Diga and the other porters
their tips, I discovered my bag was once again MISSING!

All I wanted was a shower, 
but I ended up chasing after our bus driver 
through Moshi Town
with three African men from Zara!
What an adventure.

When I finally got my shower,
I washed my hair three times
and scrubbed my hands, feet, face etc 
over and over again in order to get clean!

Dinner that night was lovely with laughter and joy
as we debriefed about our adventure together.

The next day we were able to say good-bye to Filbert,
a young man who was supporting his son, 
mother and three younger siblings
with his guide pay and tips.
Filbert who would type words into his phone
after hearing us say them and asking us what 
they meant.
Filbert who dreams of becoming a Warden for the park one day.
I hope his dreams come true.

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