Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro: Part 2

After Simba Camp
we hiked about 5 hours to Kikelewa Camp.
 We kept an eye on our goal
the entire way.
 Exploring a cave...
 Noticing any color along the way.
Kekelewa Camp

The next day we hiked to Mawenzi Tarn Hut Camp
at 14, 200 ft, 
which is as high as Mt. Shasta 
in northern California,
the highest mountain I'd ever climbed.
 Mawenzi Mountain
 The camp was nestled at the base of Mawenzi Mountain
 This is where the porters loads were weighed.

We arrived in the afternoon
and by then I had a horrible headache and nausea.
I tried to eat a little lunch,
took some Ibuprofen and laid down to sleep.
By dinner I still wasn't feeling well.
I sat in the mess tent waiting for dinner to be served
when I knew I was in trouble.

So I grabbed my empty soup bowl
and threw up directly into it!

Ken went to get Filbert and Laura helped me clean up.
Filbert looked in the tent and said, "Did you "throw out"? 
That's good!  
You need to "throw out" and then you will feel better!"

Thank goodness we had planned to stay here 
for two nights for acclimation.

In the morning, I felt great again.
We went on a short day hike up to about 16, 000 ft,
hung out there for a while 
then hiked on back to Mawenzi Tarn Camp.

 Our view over to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Kibo Hut Base Camp,
which is very hard to see,
but it's directly on the base of the mountain
on the left.
 On our way back from our little day hike,
we stopped at the last water source.  
Kibo Camp has no water.
The porter's spent the day hauling water from here 
over to Kibo Camp.
 It took a while for each bucket to fill.

These plants are called Senecio Kilimanjari.
They are ONLY found on Mt. Kilimanjaro
and no where else in the world!

After our little day hike and exploring the water source
I tried to fly Josh's small kite.
All my attempts failed because the wind was too gusty 
and inconsistent.

We went to bed that night knowing
that in 24 hours we'd be making our way to the summit!

Stay tuned to Part 3! 

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Terry said...

I am so grateful to you for reaching across the miles to grab my imagination and carry me with you. I wait for your next installment.