Friday, December 6, 2013

A Mother's Gift- A Month in Italy- Part 12

Refugio Pramperet to trail's end a small town,
 Forno di Zoldo, with taxi transfer to Cortina.

Some elevation gain
Elevation loss 3,500 feet
Total miles: 7.5

We hiked down, down, down...

If you look closely, you will see a tree branch reached out and snagged Roberta's water bottle clear out of her backpack as she was trekking along! 

A cute stone barn we passed on they way down.

It was fun hiking down towards Forna di Zoldo, which grew larger and larger as we drew nearer.
We arrived around 11am.  
We were to meet our taxi at the church.
Since we had time, we sat at an outside cafe drinking cappuccinos. 

Both Mark and Laura easily got car sick, so they both sat up front during our hour and a half drive down the winding mountain roads.

When we arrived back at Hotel Victoria, I took a LONG glorious soak in my tub.  
Then I dressed and went shopping, one last time, at the Coopertiva.  
I purchased stationary so that I could write a thank you note to each of my hiking mates.
I also bought two big Tobacco maps showing our entire route.

I took one last picture of this sweet little market in Cortina d'Ampezzo!

That night, we met for drinks in the hotel bar.  Andrea marked our route on my maps and I had each person autograph them.
We walked to a local restaurant where we celebrated our journey.
The food and wine were spectacular.  
Andrea had a small gift for each of us and I gave everyone my little note of gratitude. 

As we clinked our classes, reminisced on our adventures and vowed to keep in touch, my heart sang with joy! 
A journey well done.

To be continued...

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