Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maggie May...

 I hadn't thought of her in a long time.  A dear little girl who died of a rare leukemia early on in Josh's treatment. Too young for Make-a-Wish, CCA planned a visit for the family to Rod Stewart's private home. You see, Maggie May was named after his famous song.

And on a regular day, I ran to TaeKwonDo with my grandson to pick up Josh. As we were leaving, a grandmother and mother approached me.

"We know Josh!" they exclaimed.

"You do?" I questioned back not recognizing their faces.

"I'm Maggie May's grandmother" the older woman stated.

"Oh" I sighed, "Maggie May."

Emotion engulfed me.

Immediately I was back in the hospital hallway standing with a family who were visiting. They chatted away, but I didn't hear a word. Transfixed and frozen, I watched Maggie May's mom push her stroller all around the pediatric floor. Maggie's bald head and round face smiling up at all the nurses. I knew she was saying good-bye. I knew her treatment had been stopped, because it hadn't worked. Maggie May was dying. The family visiting us were oblivious to the tears and powerful drama playing out just a few feet away at the nurses station.

"How are Maggie's parents now?" I asked the grandma and aunt.

"They are divorced. They both remarried and have started new families" answered the grandma.

"They are happy, though" the aunt added. "And doing well."

"It sure is good to see Josh" continued the grandma and they both smiled.  

"It's good to see the ones who have made it" the grandma said next, but her voice caught a little.

Maggie May...

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