Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Josh went away for the first time to camp...

A camp for kids dealing with cancer…

Sadly, it wasn’t a great experience for him.

Here are his two letters home:

“June 22, 2010
Dear Mom and Dad,
I am having the best time ever. It is the first day. I already made 3 friends. Their nicknames are Flash and That Guy Did It and Harry Potter. I was wondering if my Mindstorm NXT 2.0 is there. Anyway, we did a lot of fun stuff.”

“June 24, 2010
Hi Mom and Dad,
I am having a horrible time. There are 2 people that hate me and they are That Guy Did It and Flash, so they are not my friends anymore. Flash and That Guy Did It called me asshole 6 times and if I tell they will call me it more. I have but the counselors won’t do anything except say NO. They have called me also butthead, mentally challenged, weirdo, weirdo man and I really want to come home early. I at first cried in the bathroom for 20 minutes then asked Chief to let me go home early, but I can’t so I just went to the nursing station. The lady was nice and gave me Gatorade and animal crackers. After that I still just start crying in the middle of everything so I go back to the bathroom again then they call me cry baby and I still have 4 days left. I have been praying to go home. I love you mommy.
Sad Josh”


My heart hurts for my son...

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Carrie said...

:( Yes - stupid bullies. You would think that at a camp for those dealing with cancer, everyone would have learned that life is too short to be mean like that. Guess not.

Are you going to let him come home early? If my child hadn't been through so much already, I think I'd try to get them to stick it out. But knowing what Josh has been through... I don't know. I'd be very tempted just to go get him.