Friday, June 5, 2009

It's been a while...

...Since I updated.

Life has been full and challenging and more. Tonight I'm alone sitting here at this kitchen table thinking many different thoughts:

The Sports Outreach Institute fundraiser golf tournament today raised more money than we ever dreamed possible for the poorest of the poor children in East Africa...ONLY GOD.

Amanda King, a precious 18 year old is taking her last breath on this earth surrounded by her loving family...ONLY GOD.

My oldest has moved into an apartment with her husband and baby, yet they struggle in their marriage talking about co-parenting...ONLY GOD.

My second is dating a wonderful young man and I'm hoping no hearts are broken...ONLY GOD.

My third is facing the SAT yet again tomorrow morning...ONLY GOD.

My fourth has a life full of fun, drama and fun...may her spiritual life grow...ONLY GOD.

My husband sleeps in the Tree House with our son, exhausted yet feeling fullfilled again knowing God's blessings...ONLY GOD.

Joshua sleeps beside him, ready for his Lego class tomorrow, hoping the kids won't point or ask him questions ignoring the tracheostomy he lives with...ONLY GOD.

Two of my dear friends struggle against the monster that threatens to devour their only children...ONLY GOD.

And I marvel at my life with a grateful heart...ONLY GOD.

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