Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just say NO to crack...

It’s tough being a mom of daughters. I walk a tight rope of laying down the law or covering my babies with my smooches of love. On one hand I gaze at them and marvel at how they’ve grown, how mature they’ve become, how beautiful they are. On the other hand I see the young, firm bodies that can draw a man’s eye in a flash.

That’s why I say NO to crack. That’s right, I’ve been known to make them squat down right there in the fitting room of our favorite department store just to check for CRACK. You know what I mean, the crack of the fanny that seems to peak out from the back of those low cut jeans. Or it’s the crack in the chest area exposed because of the low cut scoop necked top. Who makes these clothes anyway?

Hey, I’m all for fashion. I’ve been known to wear really uncomfortable shoes just because they are “in”. I love looking at the latest styles, thumbing through those magazines that come in the mail from my favorite stores. I always look forward to dressing up, but for goodness sake, what’s with the jeans that have about 5 inches of depth from the crotch to the “waist” band? And what about those tops that allow the girls to literally BUST out?

If I see even a hint of crack, I refuse to buy the jeans or the top. I’ve been known to go on “crack” patrol just before the girls walk out the door to school. Oh, the sighs and moans I hear when I make them change. One of my girls in particular is very inspired by fashion. She has her own colorful, fun and funky look. So to make her change out of the carefully constructed outfit for the day seems to bring her pain. I’m pretty tough, though. No matter how painful it is or how much it ruins the outfit to change, I make her do it. These mother’s ears are deaf to that type of complaining.

One day they’ll thank me.

Just say NO to crack…


Stephanie said...

You are my hero, April! :)

This had me laughing hard, although I'm sure the girls don't find it funny.

I, too, plan on being on "crack patrol" as Evelyn gets older.

Really, I admire the way you parent. I'm sure the kids aren't perfect, but you certainly have done a pretty darn good job with all of them!

Here's to no crack... I'm SO with you on this one!


Tracey said...

AMEN! Thank you for protecting your girls and my boys! :)

Leigh said...

As a mother of boys, I applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work!!!!