Monday, July 14, 2008

There are two things I crave...

People who make me laugh and God’s nature, two seemingly separate experiences and yet, similar in their healing and power over my soul and psyche. I find myself seeking out ways to find both laughter and beauty.

I love spending time with people who can laugh at themselves, who see the ridiculous and absurd in the mundane of everyday life. I’m thinking of one friend in particular. Just hearing her voice makes me laugh. She knows how to poke fun of herself teasing about her weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. She cracks me up as she helps me see the lighter side of life. She knows what’s truly important, but she never let’s me take myself too seriously. I need this reminder often. And as we chuckle together with those deep belly laughs that bring tears to our eyes, I feel my burdens lift. Only a loving God could have created laughter.

Then there’s this planet. The creator of the Universe put together mindboggling magnificence just for my enjoyment. Who can live with out experiencing the majesty and beauty of His world? This winter I hiked through snow dazzling like diamonds all around me. I marvel at this phenomenon. I saw Mt Hood stark and white standing like the finest clothed bride contrasted against the bluest of blue skies I’ve ever seen. Words cannot begin to describe His splendor. My soul was nourished through my eyes, ears and sense of smell as I soaked in creation, stopping to hear the stillness encircle me, breathing in the sparkling, icy air. Oh what nourishment! Only a loving God could have created such exquisiteness.

There are two things I crave, laughter and beauty…

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