Friday, September 7, 2007

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month...

Please watch this video on youtube:

Childhood cancer is HORRIBLE. Please consider helping in someway because of Joshua. Funding for research has been CUT. The type of cancer Joshua had is rare, so there is almost NO funding for research or clinical trials open for kids with the same type of cancer, who have relapsed and whose parents are desperate for a cure. I know too many children who have died.

Please consider writing your representatives or donating to curesearch or the LibbyShriver foundation or the Sunshine Project.

Thank you.

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My Kid's Mom said...

Aprilann - I have followed your journey for awhile through Rebekah's blog and your Caring Birdge page, and when her mom announced that you had started your own blog, I came over to visit you. Your story brings me to tears and yet inspires me. I have two daughters, one of whom was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis 3 years ag (another one of those diseases they don't like to do funding for), and our lives were altered by it, too. You can see her story on her Caringbridge site - . While I praise God she's in remission, I, too, have experienced the emotional and physical and spiritual exhaustion you mentioned in one of your posts. I have kept your family in my prayers for a long time, and will continue to do so. I absolutely love the picture of you and your son! God bless you.